About the Doctor

Dr. Sandra Riediger spent the first twenty years of her professional life as a registered nurse. Her experience  included: intensive care, cardiac care, neurology, neurosurgery and home care. 

Nursing, gardening and home remodeling resulted in a variety of personal injuries.  Treatment of these injuries by a chiropractor provided the fastest and most effective relief.  The ability of the chiropractor to stop the pain by methods Dr. Riediger did not understand, led her to Los Angeles College of Chiropractic.

Dr. Riediger continues to study a variety of techniques while incorporating the knowledge she acquired as a registered nurse.

The newest in electronic adjusting instruments (the Impulse IQ) has an on-board microprocessor to evaluate the effectiveness of the adjustment

hands-on muscle balancing following the principles of Applied Kinesiology.

Today our hands and feet are often overworked and painful.  We use the same principals to correct joints and muscles of the arm and leg  that are used to correct the neck and back.

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